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TIFAC has a fully integrated supply chain, dedicated research facilities, and decades of experience  
which make us the partner of choice when it comes to titanium.






Who We Are

Tifac Parts is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of titanium fabrication components — founded in 2015 as a solution serving OEM and racing enthusiasts and fabricators alike with high quality components in the automotive, diesel, marine, and industrial industries. As a professional manufacturer, Tifac specialized in the production of titanium exhaust parts with a fully integrated supply chain and aim to fulfill one-stop shopping for fabricators from titanium O2 bungs, pie cuts to titanium bolt flange, vband and mufflers. 

Thanks to quanlity management system, all of our materials such as CP Ti (commercially pure titanium) are produced with stringent quality control to ensure materials and components consistent excellent quanlity. With the help of lean management, our products can keep a high yield and low cost which will reflect to our price. Everything we stive to do at Tifac is to provide the best experience for our clients through affordable pricing, reliable high-level products and professional knowledge. Revelling in our outstanding customer service and extensive product development program, Tifac has supply over 1000SKU in over 25 countries.

Our Mission

From the early stage of company establishment,Tifac aims to grow up with samll- and medium-sized business together. We understand the hardships of starting out and it is not easy to grow from small to large. With manufacturing capabilities and partnerships, we have helped grow our overall product line to support manufacturers and fabricators, including global custom manufacturing. Meanwhile, we have offered and supported over 300 individual part numbers grow from samll to medium size. We are proud of being their business partner growing with them together in North America and around the world.

Our Story

Tifac was started by enthusiasts as spare-time work, our common goal is to provide the highest quality raw materials at affordable prices and our mission is to let more people understand and can affordable to use this special materials - titanium. At that time, titanium is seldom to be used for fabrication industry. Almost no professional company sell titanium fabrication component. 

In 2015, we recognized the need for affordable, high quality titanium fabrication components beyond the established product line motivated by motorsports community. The passion and mission for motorsports and automotive fabrication has stimulated us to provide a solution for other like-minded individuals who wants to realize their dreams. As a result, Tifac began concentrating to supply more titanium component products to the markets with maintaining affordable prices instead of just providing raw materials. 

At that time, Tifac began as a small sparate distributor to serve fabricators and manufacturers who were looking to find an affordable and reliable source for titanium elbows, v-band clamos, pie cuts, and pipes for motorsports applications, such as exhaust systems. After three years’ high speedly successfuly growing, Tifac has improved product addtions and prepared more components for automotive and motorcycle fabricaiton components. Starting at this time, more universal products like titanium flex bellow, titanium perforated tube, titanium bolt flanges, titanium muffler end caps, titanium mufflers, titanium O2 bunds, titanium valves and so on have been sold to North America, and later to the international markets. 

With the increasing demand in inernational markets, we realized the importance of delivery time. In 2018 and 2019, Tifac established warehouse in HK and USA one after another. This moves has allowed the company to concentrate on bring best service to our international clients and provide custom products continuely to market. 
Thanks to a wide variety of fabrication parts in stock at our USA/HK warehouse, we can offer same-day shipping and quick delivery time on inventory products.

Customized Solution Provider

After a decade development, Tifac recognizes providing more customized solution service is more important than just selling universal component to them. What they need is just purchase raw materials or components, but a partner who can help them solve the issues they meet, give them some idea on new products or suggestion of company development. In short future, Tifac hopes we can act as your one stop shop supply chain solution provider and figure out the manufacturing need that you are looking for addition to being committed to the channel. Email us at  support@tifacparts.com if you wish to learn more about our customized solution service.

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